Spokane County has 19 parks in their system. For 2010, 7 of those parks were scheduled for greatly reduced services this 2010 Summer season due to cutbacks to the park budget

Camelot Park was going to have no services: no water, no mowing (except when the grass got so high there was fire danger), no garbage. The nice trees on the border of the park, that have been growing for over 15 years, would have gotten severely stressed, and probably would have died.

We met with our designated County Commissioner, Todd Mielke, and verified that, indeed, the County was in a historical budget crisis. The revenues of the County had been drastically reduced due to declining property tax revenues, sales tax revenues, and real estate excise tax revenues. This cutback was needed to balance the budget for 2010. All departments were receiving similar cutbacks in services.

The local community of people with homes around the park, mainly the subdivisons of Camelot Park, Forest Glen, and West Glen, banded together to raise funds from the homeowners and local businesses in the area. A budget and goal of $8000 was set as what was needed to turn on the water, run the sprinkler systems for the grass and trees, mow the grass, spray some of the trees for insect control, provide some weed spraying and fertilizing for the grass, and blow out the sprinkler system at the end of the season.

There is a non-profit corporation, Citizens For Neighborhood Preservation (EIN 01-0964741), that is set up to receive funds and pay vendors for their services. Everyone who donates will receive a printed receipt for their records.