March 13, 2012

Last season, for a second year, Camelot Park was taken care of by the residents of both Camelot and Forest Glen. Even though donations were down by almost half from the previous season, assistance from Spokane County Parks and neighborhood volunteers kept the park looking good and in great condition.

The Spokane County Parks budget has yet to be determined for the 2012 season. The slow recovery of our economy makes it necessary for Camelot and Forest Glen to give financial support again this season. We will be asking for a donation from each household. Look for a park newsletter to arrive at your door sometime in April or early May. The newsletter will give details of the 2012 budget, information about how the county will be able to help us, and how you can help the park stay green and healthy for another season.

The Camelot Garage Sale scheduled for April 28/29 generates funds to maintain the entrance way. If you would like to include with your garage sale fee funds specifically for the park, please note that with your check and we’ll make sure that it gets into the park budget.



Camelot Park 2011 Fundraiser

Dear friends and neighbors of Camelot Park,

As we go into the 2011 park season I would like thank you again for your support of the park in 2010.  The park looked amazing last year due to your generous contributions.

The economic outlook for Spokane County Parks has not changed much since last season.  Once again we will need to lend our support to the park.

This season, however, we are in a much better position to get up and running.  First, the park department paid the final water bill for the 2010 season – $990.34.  We were able to carryover $2898.15.  We will be writing a $1500 check to the park department to be applied to the water bill for this season.  Second, this year, County Parks will pay half of the water costs, pay all of the startup costs, and pay for the system winterization!  A big savings for us.

As I mentioned, we are way ahead this season  The county turned on the water and checked all the sprinkler lines.  They also did a major clean up of leaves and winter debris as well as cleaning up all of the sidewalks and cleaning up the gravel in the play area.

From the 2010 carryover monies, the trees have been treated for insects and a weed and feed will be applied in the coming weeks.  Mowing will begin in the middle of May.  Shawn Graybeal will be mowing for us again this year!  I am looking for someone who owns a gas powered edger to edge the south side of the park.  If you are that person, and you have some time to spare, please give me a call:  467-1167.

If you are able to donate again this year it will be very much appreciated.  Please use the enclosed envelope.  Send it in the mail or drop it into the box located on the wall by my front door – 11704 Guinevere.

Thank you for your continued support.  Kathy Spencer

CAMELOT PARK NEWS – October 25, 2010

Congratulations goes out to everyone in the community for a great season in Camelot Park. Your financial support made Camelot Park look better than it had ever looked. We raised a total of $9107.86. We end the season with a balance of $2898.15. This balance is due to the fact that the County Parks Deparment had some remaining funds in the 2010 season and were able to pay the final two water bills in the amount of $990.34.  Please go to the Final Financial Report to see an accounting of all 2010 income and expenses.

Also, much thanks should be given to the Spokane County Parks Department, Director Doug Chase and Maintenance Manager Don Secor for working with us during these critical financial times.

Within our community we should also thank neighbor Greg Windsor for all of his efforts in maintaining and repairing the sprinkler system, and neighbor Shawn Graybeal for all of the mowing. These two people are really responsible for how great the park looked this season!

The 2011 budget for Spokane County Parks does not seem to be improving.  It appears that in 2011 Camelot Park will again need our financial support. Fundraising will begin in the Spring with a similar request of a $25 donation per household. More information will be coming your way around the same time as the Camelot Park Garage Sale in April 2011.

Speaking of fundraisers, Heather and Todd Housden (706 E. Bedivere) are hosting a Haunted House on Saturday, October 30th from 6:00 – 10:00 PM and Sunday, October 31st from 6:00 – 9:30 PM.  All proceeds will be donated to the Camelot Park Fund!!!

The garbage can in the park will be removed at the end of October. Thank you for helping keep our park clean!

And, finally, we hope this website is being used by the community.  So please feel free to email any suggestions, ideas or questions to Kathy Spencer (

CAMELOT PARK NEWS – July 31, 2010

Thank you to all of you who have donated to the 2010 park fund.  As of July 31, we have exceeded our goal of $8000 by raising just over $9000.  Lawn mowing and water is being provided in the park when needed.

We had two fundraising events in July. Both Twigs and Shakey’s Pizza donated a portion of our receipts from Camelot Park patrons for the Park Fund. We raised $117.39 from Twigs and $295.47 from Shakey’s.

CAMELOT PARK NEWS – June 1, 2010

On May 28, the county Commissioners approved the request from the County Parks Department to hand over the care and maintenance of Camelot Park to Citizens For Neighborhood Preservation.  A check for $1500 was given to the park department – $1150 for anticipated water bills and $350 to hold over for winterization at the end of the season.  The sprinkler system was turned on at the end of May.  Greg Windsor has taken on the job of maintaining and running the sprinklers.  Greg is also ordering parts, repairing breaks, and turning it off when water is not needed.  Although I am sure we would like to see summer, the rain has been a big savings for us.

Fred Payne from Black Diamond Lawn and Tree Care sprayed the trees that were infested with aphids as a donation (a $200.00 value).  He came in with the lowest bid of $480 for weed control.  If you need any lawn care services, please consider Black Diamond, 220-0697.  We also had donations from Target, Alder Family Chiropractic, Aflac Insurance, Fred Meyer, Cirefly Studios, and Douglas Younger (aka “Elvis”).

Each mowing will cost $300.00.  We hope to get by with mowing every other week.  We will evaluate as we go along.

Garbage is going out with ours (Kathy and Lee Spencer).  So far it has not been too bad but I anticipate it to be more when the weather improves.  A sign has been posted to remind people to pack out their garbage when they leave.

The park department posted a new sign.  It’s a bit confusing because it reads as if the county is providing the services.  The services listed are being provided by the donations you made to Citizens For Neighborhood Preservation.

Once again, thank you for all of your support!

PS: Regarding donating “Work Help”, we can always use some. Right now, we are looking for someone who has a gas trimmer that can “trim” the grass around the streetside trees. Email us if you want to volunteer for such a job.